When to Travel to Brazil

The high season for Brazil holidays runs from December through to March and sees the whole country explode with visitors; both local and international. During this period, prices rise and it gets pretty crowded, but it is also the most festive time to visit to experience some of the country’s world famous festivals and carnivals. Temperatures at this time, particularly in Rio and the northeast, can hit the high 30s.

The low season for Brazil holidays takes place during May and September and, with the exception of July, is the cheapest and emptiest time to visit. However, some more tourist-focused regions might be completely vacant. Temperatures at this time vary between the mid-20s and low 30s.

The Amazon region is home to a warmer climate with temperatures often rising above 27C, but it is also particularly humid with a considerable amount of rainfall.

Things to Do in Brazil

  • Iguacu Falls

This is Brazil’s number one attraction and no Brazil holidays are complete without a visit to this impressive natural wonder. Situated on the border with Argentina, the Iguacu Falls National Park boasts around 275 separate waterfalls which stretch out across three kilometres. They are the largest tiered waterfalls in the world and the views are some of the most breathtaking you will ever see. As well as admiring the stunning sights, you can also try out some rafting at the base of the falls, or head out in a helicopter to observe the spectacular view from above.

  • The Amazon River

The mighty Amazon River is a huge draw for many who are planning their Brazil holidays. As the second longest river in the world, there is so much to see along its banks as well as in the surrounding areas. Head to Manaus as a starting point where you can hire a guide to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime trek through the lush greenery of the forest where you can observe an abundance of exotic creatures and traditional Brazilian tribes.

  • Paraty

Paraty is a stunningly picturesque town which will add a touch of traditional Brazil to your Brazil holidays. The colonial architecture provides the ideal backdrop for a couple of days stay where you can wander through the cobbled streets and relax amongst the no-motorised vehicles policy. Watch out for the numerous horses and carts though, which offer the atmosphere of a time gone by.

  • Rio Carnival

Many people choose Brazil holidays as an opportunity to experience the world’s biggest party; the carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. This vibrant tradition offers the perfect surroundings for nightlife lovers and those who are looking for a good time. The carnival extends all through the night and continues into the day with an abundance of parades, dances, and shows to keep you entertained. If you fancy a break from partying, do not worry! There are plenty of other activities taking place throughout the city for you to enjoy a bit of downtime.