Best Time to Travel to Mozambique

Mozambique holidays will reveal a country whose landscape varies greatly from region to region. Despite this, the climate tends to stick to a typical southern African pattern which sees the largest amount of rain fall between December and March. During this time, humidity levels soar and can be fairly uncomfortable for travellers.

The rains subside around April time when the sun comes out and takes with it the high humidity levels. Slowly but surely the great weather spreads throughout the country as it moves into the dry season which stretches from June through to October. At this time of year you can expect perfect tropical weather from Mozambique holidays with clear blue skies, plenty of warm sunshine and hardly any rain.

June, July and August mark the country’s coolest months, despite still featuring tropical temperatures. If you travel at this time, you will need layers for the cooler evenings and an extra blanket to sleep in. September and October are still characterised by dry, hot temperatures during the day but night time begins to get considerably cooler.

Things to Do in Mozambique

  • Gorongosa National Park

Mozambique holidays more of than not mean one thing; safaris. In recent years, Mozambique has become a hugely popular destination for travellers wishing to observe some of southern Africa’s spectacular wildlife, and there is no better place in Mozambique than Gorongosa National Park. Here, you can spot an abundance of species including impalas, warthogs, and numerous types of unusual, exotic birds.

  • Whale Shark diving

With an international reputation for stunning marine life, is it any wonder that many people choose Mozambique holidays to get up close and personal with some of the country’s amazing sea creatures? Whale Sharks are a particular favourite in Mozambique and it is possible for visitors to go snorkelling alongside these beautiful giants.

  • Maputo

As the capital of Mozambique, this tends to be the first port of call for many visitors on Mozambique holidays. Today, it is a well developed centre which caters brilliantly to tourists with an array of delicious restaurants and comfortable hotels. The wide tree-lined avenues provide the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll, whilst the historic buildings offer an insight into the rich past and culture of the country.

  • Bazaruto Archipelago

The Bazaruto Archipelago is made up of five stunning islands located in the calm blue waters of the Indian Ocean. It is also a well-preserved conservation area and official marine reserve and boasts amazingly colourful coral reefs which are perfect for diving and snorkelling.